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Gem Ballrom

Capacity 70 - 140 guests
Area: 320 m2

The One invests in furniture as well as equipment in the Gem room with the features of a VVIP room. Gem aims to organize events such as press conferences to launch quality products, to welcome important customers and partners of agencies and businesses. The One also chose to hold a press conference to launch the music program Amo la Musica here. Many other names such as musician Nguyen Duc Cuong, player Doan Van Hau… also trusted Gem VVIP as the place to hold press conferences and launch their products.

  • Function 1
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  • Function 6
  • Function 7
  • Function 8
  • Function 9
  • Function 10
  • Function 12
  • Function 13

Function Rooms

Capacity 60 guests
Area: 120 m2
Functions Room: Located on the 1st floor of the building, a prime location for welcoming guests and important partners, Functions Room is the ideal choice for high-class, polite and formal events with a large scale. Small and medium scale such as: Conference, seminar, talkshow, workshop, master class,… Functions Room with an area of ​​112m2 each, equivalent to a capacity of 60 seats/room.
Functions Room is also designed according to the standard meeting room model with two reception doors at the top and bottom of the room. All of The One’s event rooms are equipped with the most modern and intelligent sound and light equipment (can be controlled according to customer needs).
For conference and seminar events, guests often have requirements for meeting equipment (mic, walkie-talkie, headset, cabin translation room, projector …), The One is fully satisfied.
  • Art Lounge 1
  • Art Lounge 2
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  • Art Lounge 4
  • Art Lounge 5

Art Lounge Rooms

Capacity 120 guests
Area: 150 m2

Located on the basement of The One, Art Lounge is a lavish and modern multi-functional space with elegant wooden, stone and steel furniture, in harmony with the overall design of the building but still exudes cosy, sophisticated and artistic characteristics.
Integrated with top-notch equipment, Art Lounge meets all demands, especially small and medium-sized events from art exhibitions, music performances to product launches, birthdays, meetings, year-end parties…