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Gold Ballroom

Capacity 400 - 1000 guests
Area 1750 m2

The One uses the Gold room for wedding events and conferences with the number of about 1000 participants. The highlight of the Gold room is the unique ceiling along the aisle and the modern lighting system to create a natural and warm feeling. Like all other banquet rooms, the Gold room is also equipped with a VIP room for guests and brides to prepare before entering the ceremony.

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  • Pla1
  • Platinum 2
  • Platinum 1
  • Platinum 3
  • Platinum 5
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  • Platinum 8

Platinum Ballroom

Capacity 560 - 740 guests
Area 1900 m2

Located on the 4th floor, The One features a Platinum room that is geared towards organizing performing arts events. Platinum has a music performance stage, 2 LCD screens, a large space, a mezzanine floor, which can accommodate 700-900 guests (depending on the table layout that guests choose). Platinum is also the room with the best light and sound system in The One’s 10 rooms. Currently, The One is using Platinum for organizing music and art shows and towards organizing prestigious fashion shows. The first music night “May we have each other” in the Amo la Musica series was also selected by The One to be held at Platinum.

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  • Diamond 6

Diamond Ballroom

Capacity 700 - 1200 guests
Area 2600 m2

On the 4th floor, in addition to Platinum, The One also has 01 Diamond room with a capacity of 1200 to more than 2000 people. Diverse interior decoration such as classrooms, U-shaped, banquets, theaters, cabarets … will serve all the needs of customers when choosing Diamond. Diamond’s mezzanine floor also leads to VVIP room (a room reserved for important guests such as officials, senior leaders. score, prepare costumes for singers, models, celebs… before they step on stage.
Diamond is very suitable for organizing: big music shows, fashion show events that need a long runway, car launch events, honor events, awards, weddings of the century, gameshows,… events important gratitude for companies, enterprises, large corporations. Events are served by 4 elevator systems: elevators, escalators, cargo elevators and super-load elevators. The new super load elevator system is designed and put into use, optimized for transporting goods, sound and light equipment to serve the needs of customers.
In particular, The One’s super load ladder can transport the whole car to the Diamond room to display and introduce products at car launch events. Diamond Ballroom is the ideal choice for large events, grandiose, luxurious, and secure indoor music events.