Event foyers The One

The One has designed and turned the courtyard of the building into a place where outdoor wedding parties can be held. The One promises to be an extremely unique and romantic place for weddings.

Event foyers

  • 1st floor foyer: T-shaped foyer 
    • Total area: 500m2
    • Suitable events: art gallery, exhibition
    • Utilities: adjustable artistic lighting system
  • 2nd & 3rd floor foyer: dedicated for customers using Sapphire and Gold Ballrooms.
    • Suitable events: reception for wedding and convention
  • 4th floor foyer: (between Platinum and Diamond Ballrooms)
    • Total area: 800m2
    • Suitable events: art gallery, fashion show, product launch, car launch
    • Customers can choose to rent the 1st and 4th floor foyers of The One without renting an event room. 

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