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No. 2 Chuong Duong Do,
Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi


Designed in a contemporary architectural style, The One wishes to bring a modern building with a luxurious and classy space in the heart of Ha Hoi.

With special architecture and innovative design, The One is confident to become a venue for organizing a series of top-notch local and international events.

  • Sanh Su Kien
  • San Ngoai Troi
  • Silver 12
  • Pskl
  • Phong Su Kien Nho



– French L-Acoustic (LA) sound system

– Modern and smart lighting system (Fresnel 2000W, Sport light, Blinder, Strogs, Scander, Parled, Beam 350, Follow)

– LED system

– Theatrical smoke and fog machine



– Central air conditioning system

– Standard fire protection

– 24/7 surveillance camera

– Parking with capacity up to 500 cars

– Elevators, escalators, cargo elevators and super-load elevators for events

– Dressing room for events, VIP lounge for weddings/ VIP conference



Possessing a luxurious and classy space, plus modern furniture and equipment, The One is a leading unit in organizing weddings, events and conferences in Hanoi. The main events include: wedding party, exchange party – summation, product launch events… branding for individuals and businesses.

Rivea – European restaurant: Not only known as a professional event organizer, The One also owns a European restaurant brand. In the near future, The One is about to launch a restaurant called Rivea. Rivea is a name inspired by the connection between the two words La Rêve (French for “dream”) and Riviera (the name of the Mediterranean coast connecting Monaco in France and La Spezia in Italy). Rivea wishes to bring the best experience to customers who are passionate about discovering European cuisine.

Fit24 – Fitness & Yoga Center: Currently, Fit 24 Fitness & Yoga Center (Vietnam’s leading European standard fitness and yoga center) is also one of the brands present at The One building. When coming to Fit24, customers and members will experience the high-class services of a 5-star gym: Sauna, magnetic lockers, Satori drinking water, exercise towels, towels, shampoo, dryers, parking… completely free.

Amo La Musica: In particular, even though a music program called Amo La Musica has just been launched, it has received great support from the audience.The first show “May we have each other” was packed with the audience and received positive feedback from the audience about the quality of the stage, sound, light and guest singers in the night.

The One Gallery: With a wide and airy corridor system, The One Gallery is also a place where artists and designers can trust to choose as a venue for painting exhibitions and art exhibitions in open space. The halls and corridors of The One can welcome thousands of visitors to the exhibition every day.